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Quenia Ribeiro is a dancer, choreographer and dance instructor from Rio de Janeiro Brazil with over 25 years of experience in the field. Quenia has performed Samba and Afro Brazilian Dance in Greece, Martinique, Portugal, Brazil and throughout the United States. Her studies and experience in dance extend from Classical Ballet to the street Samba of Rio De Janeiro and back to the roots of Samba through Afro-Brazilian Folkloric Dance and Orixa movements rooted in Africa.  


She has been featured in interviews and performances broadcast on PBS, ABC, WPIX, Telemundo and CBS Television. As a dance instructor she has been teaching and conducting workshops for Samba and Afro Brazilian Dance in NYC since 1997 . Quenia has worked extensively in the public and private school system with children and teens teaching Brazilian Dance and Creative Movement (in both NYC and Brazil).


Classes with Quenia include elements drawn from her background in Ballet as well as her 10 years of Capoeira training. Currently Quenia Ribeiro choreographs and directs her own Dance Company, “Grupo Ribeiro”.  She has conducted open classes at the Ailey Extension in New York City for over 14 years. Her series of 4 instructional dvd’s has furthered her reputation as an innovative leader in the field of Brazilian Dance. 



 Open Samba / Afro-Brazilian

All levels of dance students are welcomed to experience a high energy class exploring the cultural diversity of brazil through movement and rhythm. Live drumming accompanies this class.

Roots of Samba / Afro Brazilian Dance
Classes with Quenia Ribeiro feature the various forms of Samba from Rio De Janeiro and Bahia. (Samba No Pe, Miudinho, Samba Reggae, Samba Afro, Samba De Roda, Samba Reggae). In addition to Samba, Quenia introduces the Afro Brazilian dances and movements originating from Angola, Congo, Benin and Nigeria ( Orixa Dance, Jongo, Samba De Caboclo, Maculele, Afoxe). These dances and rhythms are found in Candomble and along with Indigenous and Portuguese elements are the roots of the many of the forms of Samba that we find in Brazil today. Classes with Quenia are always accompanied by live drums and are open to dancers of every level, age and experience.

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